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Kona Town

by Pepper



released March 26, 2002



all rights reserved


Pepper Ocean View


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Track Name: The Good Thing
The good thing about Hawaii is beautiful K - O - N - A.
Track Name: Stone Love
stone love with the number one sound
a 44 in the background

a platinum selector of the time
don't watch my size in this hall
while my backs against the wall
take a ride, competition take a ride
pull it operator watch the other side
thought you were over, so far from done
as they dance into the sun

some big up new style holding trophy cups
Rory select while these speakers erupt
sound sweeter in an echo chamber
don't you know they are the danger
3 bottles of Cristal and it's agreed
the best could only come from the Don Wesley
close my eyes while i take a ride

fold up the bag in a yard style
don't worry bout that you see it's all natural
police chasing this bandilero
running down the road with my thick payroll
one stop was my music shop
when I heard this guitar screamin
Track Name: Dry Spell
stealing whats been stolin
and whats given, man I don't get for free
couldn't find a reason so put the blame on me
taking water while the well is dry
and the devils always smiling when you pass by

drifting on my piece of sorry, shattered stubborness
one more mistake but I really need this risk
I notice the roots and the rythym remain
and it's never like you seem
and now the stories lost its theme
right back where I first started from
them all listen when I play this riddim
break it off when its given to me
don't worry if its over I'll just wait pateintly
big up the lovin that hold me down
them no try and come after me in this underground
whom god bless let no man curse
the first will be the last and the last will be the first

so I sloped into the room
playing my guitar in my worn out shoes
I want o hear the sound just like a stage show
where they all lose control
and it never lets you go
Track Name: Face Plant
verse 1: The sun is melting that ego, you better find a new place to hide it. Do you really know who you are? Does anybody really care? Go purchase your friends at the mall, there going on sale soon. Meet us at the check out line so we can all laugh at you.

pre-chorus: I'm feeling depressed and real low no popularity has taken its toll, I know there's no way back from this. So how could life get worse than this.

verse 2: They don't know me they never even gave me a chance. They threw my ass on the bathroom wall I'm thinking bout moving to France. Well, the last mile is miles away and I'm on my way out of the game. You don't know what they made me do and I'm not permitted to say.


chorus: I got no friends no friends at all people never call me and its all my fault. I got no friends none at all. People think its funny but I don't at all.


verse 3: They'll chase you on your way back home. Slam the door and jump in bed don't you come out till its safe. I guess that by then you'll be dead. Oh why must they come after me why can't they pick on somebody else. It's like I did something wrong, but I guess its something I missed. In the eyes of all of them to nothing I'll ever amount, so when I hear people laughing I know who there laughing about.

Track Name: Tradewinds
my heavens low but the songs the same
seems I'm always looking when I hear your name
you've been away but don't leave this side
seen all of your faces you've tried to hide
so I'm sitting here in a train station
traveling to an unknown destination
oh I always seem to try
still I'm one still I'm one to testify and I say
I'll find a way to let you know
hold me close when tradewinds blow
chances are you're over me, I'll catch that train eventually

to the questions that you're asking
I've only expected everything
these arms of mine are burning
as I see, as I see the pages turning
Track Name: Stormtrooper
You think that we can't see your face I think you need to give us our space,
You know that we can raze this place and leave you without a trace,
Storm trooper storm trooper why are you here
The youth them getting restless and they don't want you near.
Your watching us your watching us it so improper
We've seen your kind before we call it informer.
Storm trooper storm trooper where will you go?
This world she no like you so you better stay low.
And up from the mountains and out from the trees, that is where you come from you crawl like the one disease.

So now you pass me the laser beam and you want me to join the team,
Well Im not used to these kinds of things, but this is what the evil brings.
Let me tell you bout the fire, You could bring the waters up above,
I'll bring my favorite people and I'm bringing all my love, You want a battle well don't look very far, you want to fight somebody come fight the superstar,
I knew you wouldn't stand a chance you left without a passing glance,
There's nothing you could ever do to keep me from stopping you

(Josh Fischel verse)
It's so dark and lonely out here in outer space, but at least I got my keyboard and my low bot has his bass. Playing street sweeper tunes and watching tye fighters fly by
Things would be better if I was back at home with pepper Burning pakalolo not even noticing the weather
So far and so alone a million light years away
Storm trooper storm trooper back up from my door
I got my blaster set I'm ready to start a minor war
This won't be the day you were hoping for so just walk away walk away
Better run now cause your done now cause your standing in a bad mans town, boy
Time to get back to my daily routine have a beer at a bar on tattooine

You take away everything , make my people scream out loud. Just bring it back Lord just bring it back
You mess it up and you rearrange open your eyes and turn the page. Just bring it back.

chorus 2
I believe I'll interject to talk about the word respect
Its not a word that's in your hands its more about the common man
You took your time and paved the way making room for other man to play a grip of bodies a mess of minds endless conversations to rock
na na na na
Track Name: B.O.O.T
chorus: So here I go with the bass line low, nothing you can do we blew out of this town.

verse 1: So lock it up lock it up cause were on our way now and if we see one light on this town is going down. Now do you see what I see this place is lookin so very tasty and I think I smell yes I smell a golden opportunity.

pre-chorus: So when the dance gets hot, don't look for reasons why not. Come on in its time to begin whether your ready or not.


verse 2: I don't know how far we came, but it's time to leave. That's always a shame. The pleasure was all mine if its all the same. Were on the road you see were not on MTV but when we get there we won't shave our hair or be fags like Creed.


Track Name: Give It Up
verse 1: Its been a while since I've seen your face, got to say that I'm happy to see you come around my place. Now I think we've talked about it and I think I know what's coming up next, lets put our minds away and let our hormones do the rest. Does it seem obscene, does it seem like a bad thing. Well if it is I'm sorry miss, but you know I'm just 19. So don't be afraid when my pants start to leak, you know damn well I'm in my sexual peak.

chorus: Why don't you have some dirty hot sex with me. It aint like I'm askin ya to give it up for free. We can start it right now baby get on you knees, don't make me beg again girl I just said please.

verse 2: Now when you look down don't be misled. I found my lifes purpose and its getting up stairs into your bed. Well theres the phone girl go right on ahead. I'm sure youd rather be with your stupid boyfriend instead.


bridge: Why you gotta sleep with my dad?


chorus 2: Baby get on your knees oh yeah....I'm beggin you darlin please. oh yeah oh yeah please...please...please me.....
Track Name: Sitting On The Curb
I remember those days when I had big money
never checked the price it just all came to me
but now a days I'll be pinchin every penny
5 star dining at my local denny's
I've been sitting on the curb in you neighborhood
looking at the streelight thinking how I could
just get one response, maybe a glance
but the system has it's rules about the second chance

living by the tracks in the Barrio
keeps my welfare state from the don risto
don't be amazed when you see me out of line
I've got my baseball bat to take care of joe grind
thought I was one, baby I'm a fool
because I've been wrong for years

ain't it funny how everybody knows but you
couldn't imagine what else you could do

please spare me your regards baby
time is long when your waiting pateintly
that bed used to be so good
now my pillow is a curb in your neighborhood
thought I was one, but baby I'm a fool
because I've been wrong for years

Ain't it funny......................
Track Name: Too Much
verse 1: How many times will they do it there taking what's mine and they tell me that I blew it. What can you do; who me, yes you. When bitches get scandeless and full of voodoo. Catching my breath is the term I use when the world gives up on me. Can you love or not? The truth finds all of us eventually.

verse 2: I don't mind taking lives I find. They all shine in my pocket at night. You wonder why your always alone. you never fit in you never could find a home, and I don't need to second guess why, your eaten by the anger and it makes it so hard to....

chorus: Love to love to love ya..ooh ooh


bridge: ...and please don't let me go, and please don't tell me no (who me yes you)
Track Name: Office
come down sit right here its OK
and my words are spoken slurred every single day
sure to find some comfort, up against the hallway wall
I know I could, never have it all
reaching the next level under
drinking starts this reflex, so I dial your number
but the phone was out of order
last call was made at 2 AM
some how when it's broken
its always there to mend

stumble don't rumble
cuase you might get killed
sip but don't tip
cause your beer you might spill
think what you feel
cause your feelings don't think
here at the office,
we know just one drink

And I've been living at this address all week
attractive cause my hair is dull
and my clothes are starting to reek
so when I'm to involved
with the problems I can't solve
wrap my finger around the original quality.